Bathroom Remodel Services in Fairfield County, CT

Do you want to upgrade your bathroom’s outdated and deteriorating fixtures? Do you desire to transform it into a relaxing spa-like area where you can indulge yourself? Our bathroom remodeling contractors can assist you with every bathroom remodel idea that you have. Whether you plan to renovate an existing bathroom or construct a new one, we have experienced designers and licensed bathroom remodeler contractors to actualize your dream. We’ll generate a 3D model of your new space that you can explore virtually and modify the aesthetics to your liking. You’ll have a variety of options to choose from, such as:

Bathroom Lighting - Dogwood Remodeling Fairfield County


Bathroom Fixtures - Dogwood Remodeling Fairfield County


Flooring - Dogwood Remodeling Fairfield County


Bathroom Counters - Dogwood Remodeling Fairfield County


Shower and bath finishes - Dogwood Remodeling Fairfield County

Shower and bath finishes

Storage solutions such as cabinetry - Dogwood Remodeling Fairfield County

Storage solutions such as cabinetry

Dogwood Remodeling Fairfield County takes great pleasure in seeing our clients’ expressions of pure delight when they first glimpse their stunning new bathroom. Each bathroom remodeler is skilled, trained, and talented in designing, planning, and constructing a bathroom remodel. We make it our highest priority to stay within budget, on time, and safely complete every project we take on.

Our top-notch services have made us the go-to bathroom contractor in Fairfield County, CT, for many years.

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Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom

There are various reasons why homeowners choose to renovate their bathrooms, such as enhancing the appearance, improving functionality and comfort, and boosting the overall value of their property. Regardless of the scale of your remodeling project, it is crucial to consider the motives behind your bathroom renovation. However, that is only the beginning; you must also consider selecting a reputable general contractor who can complete the job within your budget. Remember that bathroom renovations are challenging and complex, like any other remodeling project.

What We Can Do

At Dogwood Remodeling Fairfield County, we always go the extra mile to deliver outstanding results and superior service. We are licensed, insured, and fully compliant with local building codes to execute a full bath remodel project. Each member of our bathroom remodeler team can do all sorts of renovations for your bathroom, including:

Dogwood Remodeling Fairfield County - Bathroom Remodel Service

Bathtub and Shower Installations

We do a variety of bathtub remodel and shower installation options, including freestanding, drop-in, alcove-style tubs, and walk-in showers.

Dogwood Remodeling Fairfield County - Bathroom Flooring Remodel Service


Our skilled technicians can lay any type of flooring you want in your bathroom, from tile to wood to vinyl.

Dogwood Remodeling Fairfield County - Bathroom Fixtures


We will help you select and install the perfect sink, tub, faucet, and other fixtures for your bathroom.

Dogwood Remodeling Fairfield County - Bathroom Lighting


We can also update or add lighting upgrades to your bathroom to make it more inviting.

Drywall and Cabinets - Dogwood Remodeling Fairfield County

Drywall and Cabinets

If you want to add more storage or change the layout of your bathroom, our team can help. We will install drywall and cabinets that meet your budget and style.

The Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

While calling us for accurate estimates is the best way to know how much a bathroom remodeling job costs, in Fairfield and its surrounding areas, a comprehensive bathroom renovation typically costs between $15,000 and $20,000.

Each project is unique, and the cost of remodeling your bathroom depends on several variables, such as the space size, materials used, the complexity of the layout, etc. That said, it’s still best to contact us so we can give you a quote when you want to remodel the bathroom.

The Cost of a Bathroom Remodel - Dogwood Remodeling Fairfield County
Unparalleled Bathroom Renovation Projects - Dogwood Remodeling Fairfield County

Unparalleled Bathroom Renovation Projects

Our bathroom renovation projects involve close collaboration with our consultants to ensure that every client’s bathroom renovation ideas are incorporated into the final design, no matter how small. If you want to relish the happiness and fulfillment of having a new bathroom that perfectly captures your needs and style, trust the skilled bathroom contractors at Dogwood Remodeling Fairfield County.

Interested in our bathroom renovation services?

Looking to remodel your home with a focus on the bathroom? Look no further than Dogwood Remodeling Fairfield County! Don’t wait any longer to bring your bathroom remodel renovation ideas to life. Our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way. From guiding you through the process to providing valuable advice and assistance, we’ve got you covered. Take advantage of our complimentary instant quote to kickstart your bathroom remodeling journey today. Contact us now to get started!